LIMS Solutions for Forensic and Paternity Laboratories

Why Starfruit IdentiTrack Will Work For Your Lab

  • User friendly and easy to navigate

  • Customize laboratory workflows

    • Track samples and data associated with laboratory processes such as extraction, quantification, amplification, and capillary electrophoresis
    • Process cases in batches to streamline workflow
    • Generate and print laboratory worksheets for each process

  • Interface with laboratory instrumentation

    • Built in interfaces available for most commonly used instruments such as AB 3100/3130 Genetic Analyzers, AB 7500 Real-time PCR Systems, and liquid handling robots
    • Custom interfaces can be built for other instruments

  • Maintain best practices for Quality Assurance/Quality Control

    • Electronic chain of custody in combination with electronic signatures provide secure and reliable custody and transfer of evidence
    • Lab SOP’s can be incorporated into ldentiTrack software for easy access during sample processing
    • Use of barcode labels on sample tubes allows unique identification of each sample and reduces possibility of error during sample processing
    • Ability to track reagents by lot numbers and expiration dates and associate with specific laboratory processes
    • Capability to generate an audit trail for a case

  • Generate automated reports from LIMS

    • Provides consistency for reporting by using a standard report format and predefined dictionary of commonly used reporting language
    • Compatible with commonly used forensic amplification kits

  • Track sample storage location using sample barcodes so samples can be quickly accessed at all times