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Data Unlimited International provides high-tech services to the federal and local governments as well as the commercial, forensic, bioscience, and healthcare industries. Our headquarters is located in Carrollton, Texas, USA.

Service and Quality

Data Unlimited has assembled an exceptional team of experienced and dedicated professionals whose common goal is fulfilling client requirements through quality-oriented solutions. Our engineers apply up-to-date design and development technologies. The Company’s services include System Product Support, Software Design/Development, Network Design/Development, Organizational Consulting and much more. In addition, we provide around-the-clock customer support for general problems and complex engineering call-ins. Please visit our services area to find out our complete line of services.

We have what it takes to get the job done.


Our products can match your needs.
  • Startfruit IdentiTrack

  • Starfruit Toxicology

  • Starfruit CrimeLab

  • Starfruit GeneTell


We'll help you setup everything.
  • Customer Support

  • System Integration

  • Custom Reports

  • Software Development

Unique Expertise

Over 25 years in the industry.
  • Large client base

  • Custom integrated solutions

  • Deep understanding of processes

  • Over 50 years combined experience

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Through Software Solutions, Process Optimization, and Customer Service

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